Who are we?  ...and why the "Margarita Ball"?

Short answer:  We're just like you.


The Margarita Ball is presented each year by the Margarita Society of the Palm Beaches,
a 501c3 not for profit organization, and sponsored by True Digital Security (formerly SLPowers), an IT Professional Services company based right here in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Like you, we believe in giving back
to the community where we live and do business.

A few years ago, we saw a news story about a local organization called Community Friends Inc. They collected toys each year before the holidays, then distributed them to children, right here in Palm Beach County.  We decided to help.

Since then, each year, we've thrown a big party called the Margarita Ball of the Palm Beaches.

Admission to the party is simply an unwrapped toy, valued at $20 or more, per person.

So for a $20 toy, you get an evening of food, drinks, live entertainment and we help brighten some lives.

Why is it called the Margarita Ball?

First of all, we are big fans of margaritas. Whenever there are margaritas to be had, things are just more fun.  For example, a few of our friends play a game they call Margarita Golf.  As you can imagine, it's not a serious golf game. But our event's name is actually not that original.  There are several not-for-profit organizations around the country which call themselves the Margarita Society.  We know of one in Houston and one in Orlando, and there are others. Some of these organizations throw a big party each year called the Margarita Charity Ball, and they collect toys for Toys for Tots.  Our event is a little different - a little more casual.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us and our event.  We hope to see you at this year's event.


For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lisa Remsa at lisaremsa@truedigitalsecurity.com


 of the Palm Beaches